Typical Questions After Suffering a Loss


What industries do you serve?

Government, Education, Financial, Transportation, Aviation, Healthcare, Hospitality, Lodging, Industrial, Marine, Multi-Family Housing, Office Buildings, Retail Projects, Sporting Event Venues, Worship Centers. 

We do not limit ourselves. We are willing and able to help in every situation, anywhere.


Establishing the Replacement Cost for A PROJECT

Replacement cost means, how much it would cost for you to replace the item today that was damaged, with like, kind and quality. This requires the data and forensic documentation, estimates, Xactimate® figures and complete damage assessment report.


do you have the ability to retrieve lost items?

We have searched for everything from jewelry, fur coats and priceless collectibles. Once a client lost collectible coins from the Genghis Khan era. This happened after his house caught fire during hurricane Katrina. We used metal detectors, custom fabricated boxes and sifted through all metal debris to find the coins. We took 6 weeks and searched room by room to recover these coins! The insurance carrier was equally as happy as the client because they did not have to pay the loss value of the coins.


How do you establish the Actual Cash Value?

Did you know that actual cash value can equal the Replacement Cost, minus the Deprecation? Therefore, determining the proper Replacement Cost is vital to your restoration or renovation. This may mean a “broad evidence” approach to market value, as well as other factors. A state-by-state review is important.


What if my property is covered in debris?

Debris removal is a necessary expense in cleaning up and removing debris after a covered peril.

Depending on which policy you have, debris removal may be pre-included, alternatively you may be entitled to recover in expense of your policy limit. Having our trained specialists review your policy can answer a multiride of your questions. Knowledgeable in their field, our staff excels in explaining coverages and guiding you toward a decision that’s suitable for you.


Insurance Limits and Under-insured?

Insurance limits may vary depending upon your policy. There are several Endorsements that may be added to a typical policy. This could raise your recovery limit more than the policy limited stated with your Declaration Page.


What would you say are your top 3 qualifications?

First off, we have 25 years of experience in the industry. Secondly, we use cutting edge technologies such as video drones, 360º photography and an online progress portal for daily updates. Lastly, we execute forensic research to discover the facts and determine the best plan of action to recover each project to pre-loss condition.


Do I have inflation guard?

Inflation guard is a provision that can automatically increase coverage limits intermittently over the course of a policy, often computed by a specific formula.


Do I have Increased Code of Construction coverage, due to building codes and ordinances?

Code Coverage is not always included within the confines of a standard insurance policy, but may be added. If you suffer a loss and are required to bring your building up to code (electrical/sprinkler system handicap access), your insurance may cover these additional costs, but limitations could apply.