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First Response Emergency Services, Inc. Provides a variety of construction and contracting solutions all around the world. Many of their clients have fallen victim to natural disasters such as floods, fire and beyond. First Response’s responsibility is providing unique solutions that restore damaged property beyond what it was originally!

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At First Response Emergency Services, we are a family business with decades of experience, we build strong business partnerships with our clients based on our construction expertise and professionalism. Staffed by professional personnel with intensive “onsite” training, supported by seasoned professionals, our multi-discipline approach enables us to meet your needs in the most complicated renovation and construction projects. We are always at your service 24/7.


We provide the highest quality service to all our customers. Our highly qualified & certified technicians are always ready to take care of your contracting needs 24/7.


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Your Special Response Team!, Complete kitchen and bath renovations,Plumbing, Fixtures and Built-ins, Carpet, Tile, Hardwood or other flooring, Electrical and HVAC, Lighting and Hardware, We also provide complete construction services for your Leasing Center, Business Center and more.

| Thermal Imaging |

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Infrared inspections benefit the client by providing real time data to determine defects that can lead to equipment failure, energy loss, or environmental impact. Infrared inspection programs can provide a quick return on investment through energy or product recovery, reduced downtimes, and protection of adjacent equipment.

| Electrics |

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We are  highly committed to customer comfort.

No project is too big or too small. All domestic and commercial work is carried out to the optimum standards we guarantee our clients. From testing to re-wiring there is no leverage in our standards.

| Exterior Carpentry |

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We offer advanced home carpentry services for your interior and exterior home repair needs. Our skills extend beyond painting. We’re proud to serve as a one-stop shop for multiple home repair and renovation services for our valued customers.

| Roofing Services |

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We work year round! Call us today for your free estimate!

We pledge to ensure superior quality and service by providing honest assessments, utilizing only the best products, providing exceptional customer service that includes on-time delivery, attention to detail and a strong emphasis on safety. We have been serving the dallas,texas for more than 20 years, earning a reputation for honesty & quality workmanship.



Moisture Mapping

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The main goal of moisture mapping in the water damage restoration industry is to identify and assess abnormally wet locations of buildings, structures and their materials so that the drying process can be measured, documented and carried out effectively and in an efficient manner. The building investigation and/or restorative drying professional should establish the source and extent of the moisture damage that has occurred as well as a baseline moisture content objective or ‘drying goal’.

Complete Commercial kitchen and bath renovations

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More than just a place to prepare your meals, the kitchen has become a focal point in the modern home – it’s where you and your family spend considerable time, and where you entertain guest. A well designed kitchen will not only enhance the beauty of your home; it can also improve the functionality. In addition, a professional kitchen remodel can increase the value of your home.

Full Recovery Services

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24/7 Recovery Services

First Response Emergency Services understands the recovery process -our highly trained team with decades of experienced professionals, is here for you, just a phone call away. We offer
recovery services for both residential and commercial properties, no job is too big or small for us.

” Thank you for the amazing and prompt renovations to our new office complex, I highly recommend the First Response Team for all your future projects! “

|  Mike Payne  |



We have moved into our new home and just want to thank the team for all your dedicated hard work. Our home is beautiful. Thank you!

| Jean Matthews |



We have moved into our new home and just want to thank the team for all your dedicated hard work. Our home is beautiful. Thank you!

| Jono Wright |

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